Maintaining strength and flexibility is important for physical health and overall quality of life. Regular stretching exercises will improve range of motion and are recommended to complement resistance training.

Range3D encourages stretching by making it straightforward and rewarding. All fitness levels are catered for as Range3D provides the stability and control needed to perform the exercises correctly. Users are able to engage in a stretching regimen which offers significant benefits for well-being.

• Targets hip joint mobility

Hip conditions can be very disabling as they affect most daily activities. Regularly taking the joint to its maximum range of motion will retain the flexibility which is readily lost through inactivity and ageing.

• Can prevent low back pain

Hip flexor or hamstring muscles which have become shortened may alter the normal curvature of the lumbar spine. This will affect posture and movement, possibly resulting in mechanical back pain.

• Helps guard against hip osteoarthritis

Ensuring the hip continues to function normally means that the forces on the joint surfaces will be evenly distributed. Having full mobility also enables dynamic exercises which promote blood supply to the joint.

• Assists recreational running

Inexperienced runners often suffer musculoskeletal problems caused by inadequate flexibility, usually involving the hip and thigh muscles. The runner can identify from the range of motion measurements which muscles need to be lengthened.

• Improves flexibility for yoga and Pilates

These activities involve adopting positions which may be difficult for the beginner to achieve. They are made easier if the participant has already developed the necessary flexibility through specific stretching exercises.

Stretching maintains hip mobility
Recreational runners need to stretch to prevent musculoskeletal problems
Gym users doing yoga stretches