The hip is the link between the lower body and the trunk, and needs to be fully mobile for athletic activity. Because the joint is capable of moving in all three anatomical planes, it should be stretched in each plane.

Certain muscles, classified by their tendency to shorten, are more likely to limit hip movement. They are the hamstrings, the adductors, iliopsoas, rectus femoris, piriformis and tensor fasciae latae (attached to the iliotibial band). Range3D reproduces a set of important stretching exercises for these muscles. The routine includes the hip rotators, which are difficult to stretch effectively unassisted and often ignored.

Range3D ensures every hip muscle group is isolated through correct, stable positioning, and the range of motion measurements indicate where flexibility may have to be increased.

The opposite leg is kept extended to prevent the pelvis tilting posteriorly, thereby maintaining the optimum stretching position.
Hamstrings exercise with stretching equipment
The body is in a fully extended position with the pelvis stabilised.
Adductors exercise with stretching equipment
The opposite leg is flexed to enable adduction in the frontal plane. This exercise is particularly beneficial for iliotibial band syndrome.
Abductors exercise with stretching machine
The leg is placed in the standard orthopaedic position to stretch the rotator muscles.
Medial rotators exercise with stretching equipment
The lateral rotators include the piriformis muscle which, if tight, can cause sciatic pain.
Lateral rotators exercise with stretching equipment
The knee is flexed and brought to the chest, with the opposite leg kept extended.
Hip extensors exercise with stretching equipment
The opposite leg is fully flexed to tilt the pelvis posteriorly and bring the hip into extension. The handle can be used to exert a downwards stretching force in addition to the weight of the leg support.
The exercise is repeated with the knee flexed at 90° to stretch the two-joint hip flexors.
Hip flexors exercise with stretching equipment