Range3D offers substantial advantages over stretching unaided or with low-tech equipment. The controls are simple and accessible, allowing the user to remain in position throughout the routine. The stretching action occurs at the hip joint and is not incorrectly transmitted to the pelvis and lumbar spine. Measurement of the range of motion (ROM) enables comparison of left and right legs and quantifies improvement.

 Factor Unaided or low-tech stretching Range3D
Exercise position Often uncomfortable Comfortable and relaxed
Body Insufficiently stabilised Fully supported and stabilised
Performance of exercise Can be incorrect/ineffective Stretch is correctly applied
Safety Risk of doing harm Secure, controlled movement from neutral
Feedback on ROM None Accurately measured
Group conditioning and monitoring Routine usually random and subjective Standardised, reproducible, measurable regimen
Rehabilitation Not always appropriate Very suitable
Academic use Too much variation Also functions as research instrument

Weight: 100kg (220lb)
Material: mainly steel
Dimensions as delivered (not including shipping container): 1.9m (6ft 3in) long x 0.83m (2ft 9in) wide x 0.98m (3ft 3in) high
Minimal assembly necessary
Requires mains voltage AC power source
User height range: 1.50m (4ft 11in) – 2.01m (6ft 7in)
Maximum user weight: 150kg (330lb)
Space needed for use: 2.34m (7ft 8in) long x 2.14m (7ft) wide x 1.86m (6ft 1in) high
ROM accuracy: 1º
Timed duration of stretch: up to 59min 59s
Maximum ROM –
Flexion: 150º
Combined flexion and extension: 150º
Abduction: 60º
Adduction: 40º
Medial rotation: 60º
Lateral rotation: 60º


Range3D (“the Product”) is guaranteed as set out below.

Metal frame (excluding coating): 5 years
Non-wearing metal components: 2 years
Electronic components: 1 year
Wearing mechanical components (springs, pawls, ratchets, gears, cables, plungers, detent plates, bearings, castors): 1 year
Wearing contact items (upholstery, rubber grips, neoprene foam, straps): 6 months

This Warranty is effective from the date of delivery of the Product. Range3D Ltd will at its discretion repair or replace warranted parts provided that the Product –

  • has been purchased by the user and not hired or sold on
  • has been purchased directly from Range3D Ltd or an authorised retailer
  • has not been altered without written consent from Range3D Ltd
  • has been used and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided by Range3D Ltd.

Additionally the Warranty shall be invalid if –

  • anyone other than Range3D Ltd or its authorised representatives disassembles or attempts to disassemble the Product
  • the Product’s serial number label is missing, altered or unreadable.

The Warranty does not cover –

  • damage to the finish of any part of the Product
  • damage to the Product due to abuse, misuse or neglect
  • any charges for delivery, insurance or import duty associated with the return or dispatch of parts
  • labour costs for the replacement of parts.

Any claim under this Warranty must be made in writing to Range3D Ltd with full details of the purchaser, nature of defect and proof of purchase, and must reach Range3D Ltd by the last day of the warranted period.