Range3D uses innovative engineering to improve on traditional stretching. The design guarantees correct form, so that the exercises are productive, measurable and help optimise musculoskeletal function.

Range3D is a high-end product, similar in technical standard to state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength training equipment. This specially developed multi-gym incorporates every feature needed to yield results.

The effective stretching action is based on Range3D’s unique ability to support and stabilise the body in the right position for each exercise. The legs are guided in the three anatomical planes, providing a complete stretching routine for the hip and thigh muscles. All movements are safely controlled and the range of motion is measured electronically for accurate feedback.

Range3D simplifies flexibility training by doing almost everything for the user. The beginner is immediately able to start stretching properly, while those who already stretch regularly can now transfer their regimen to Range3D and notice the difference.

Users will quickly become familiar with Range3D and should benefit from precise stretching. Range3D takes stretching equipment to a new level, with applications in sport, well-being and rehabilitation.